Do Drive-Thrus Discriminate Against Non-Drivers?

by Ryan Griggs

CNBC reports today that a blind man is suing McDonalds for refusing him service at the drive-thru window. The man, Scott Magee of Louisiana, could not access the inside of the restaurant because it was after hours when the dining room was closed. Magee — who cannot drive a car — claims he attempted to purchase food at the drive-thru window on foot and was refused.

Most restaurants that keep their drive-thru windows open later than their dining rooms have long employed a policy of refusing service to people on foot. They have long stated this policy is due to a fear of pedestrians being hit by cars in the drive-thru lanes.

Naturally, then, this policy discriminates against any number of people including people under 16 years of age, anyone without a drivers license, deaf people who cannot communicate through the drive-thru intercom, and drunk people unwilling to endanger the public by remaining on foot.

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