Brexit Looking Unlikely

So what does all of this mean for the would-be Brexiters? Is there any chance at all that the Brexit campaign will actually be able to succeed in seceding from the EU superstate?

by James Corbett
The International Forecaster

Those were the good old days, the halcyon days, the days of one week ago when we could discuss the Brexit campaign as if it were a straightforward choice between the tyranny of the EU and…well, the tyranny of the UK, but tyranny on a smaller scale. And as we discussed last week, the momentum seemed to be firmly on the Brexit side.

[…] That was before the grisly murder of Jo Cox, the pro-EU MP and “rising star” of the Labour party, at the hands of Thomas Mair, who (as we were dutifully told several hundred times over the weekend by the MSM) reportedly screamed “Britain first!” at the scene of the crime, and who gave the name “Death To Traitors, Freedom to Britain” in court. But for every story pointing out Mair’s history of mental illness and identifying the attack as the work of a clearly deranged mind, there are several thousand attempting to tie this crime to those crazy Brexit-ers and their dangerous nationalist ideology. As UKIP leader Nigel Farage concedes, the events of the last few days have taken the wind out of Brexit’s sails.

But don’t worry! Your vote almost certainly won’t count anyway! As mainstream media from Business Insider all the way to the good ol’ Big Brother Corporation are now reporting, the Brexit referendum is not legally binding and the pro-Remain MPs will almost certainly use their sizable majority in the House of Commons (454 to 147) to block any actual moves to leave the EU common market. (The irony here will likely be lost on all but those who realize that “national sovereignty” is no sovereignty at all.)

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