Bob Hoye & Chris Waltzek on GoldSeek Radio – May 29, 2016

by Chris Waltzek
GoldSeek Radio

Bob Hoye, senior investment strategist at Institutional Advisors returns with comments on former Fed Head, Dr. Greenspan’s recent call for US policymakers to return the monetary system to a “Gold Standard.” Dr. Greenspan is now a professed “Gold Bug,” and points out that all central banks keep tons of the “barbarous relic” in their stockpiles. The former Fed Chair notes that under the former gold standard, 1870 to 1913, represents one of the most preposterous periods in US economic history, which may imply a call for a new monetary system. In the dialogue, Dr. Greenspan placed the blame for the economic mess on Fiscal decision making, accepting no responsibility for monetary policy. Our guest likens the Brexit to the unshackling of modern feudalism, the fall of London’s “Berlin Wall” may represent a great success for freedom and a stumbling block to the globalist agenda of total control.

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