Block Reward Halving to Bring $3,000 Per Bitcoin?! – Trace Mayer Interview

from CrushTheStreet

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02:30 Bitcoin Up Over $100 & 25% in 1 month
05:30 China’s Role in Bitcoin: Are they Taking Over?
07:10 Bitcoin Adoption Growing Worldwide; Especially Places Like Argentina & Venezuela
11:00 Bitcoin Growing in Africa As well by lowering currency transfer fees
13:00 What if a Country wants to Hold Bitcoin? Where could it go in 5-10 Years?
17:00 Huge Returns Expected for Bitcoin, Biggest Wealth Transfer in World History
19:50 Block Reward Halvening; What this means for Price, etc.
23:00 $2,500 Bitcoin Soon? Price Always Spikes when Supply Disruption Happen in Bitcoin
29:00 Where to Get More from Trace & His Final Thoughts

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