Would You Recognize a Slow Motion Collapse If One Was Right In Front of You?

by Argentus Maximus
TF Metals Report

I reduced the full chart from it’s full size (in today’s RNP video) to about 30% to allow it to fit in here. The detail that matters most is still retained with adequate clarity.

It’s the kind of analog which a computer, using for example Pearson’s Ratio, would give a very low correlation. Looking at it by eye from experience I’d expect maybe not much more than a 15-25% Pearson’s Correlation score if that. But when somebody familiar with market movement, and the character of market movement, particularly someone who knows the difference between impulsive and corrective price action, sees this for the first time they’re more likely to say something like “How about that!”.

In the green and red is the price of gold in Venezuelan Bolivars. In the shocking pink is the price of gold in US Dollars, which is the leaders of society assure us is the strongest currency in the world.

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