Trump Flip Flops Only Days After Saying He’d Default – Now Says He’ll Hyperinflate

by Jeff Berwick
Dollar Vigilante

It was just yesterday that we said that Donald Trump had chosen the best of the two available options for the US government. The two, and only two, options are to default on the debt or to hyperinflate. And the best option for almost everyone (except those who stupidly and immorally loaned the US government money to carry on its worldwide terrorism) is to default. It would leave the US and world economy with at least some hope of rebuilding.

But, after he was admonished by the media for his “crazy” idea of not paying unpayable debts he showed the true politician in him and immediately flip-flopped.

On Monday, he recanted what he said last week. He assured us that default would “never happen” because the US can simply print money, echoing the party line of all policymakers these days.

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