There is a Global War Against Gold: Prof. Antal Fekete

by Guillermo Barba
Guillermo Barba

The Inteligencia Financiera Global blog (Global Financial Intelligence Blog) is pleased to present this interview with Prof. Antal E. Fekete, founder of the New Austrian School of Economics, monetary scientist, proponent of the gold standard and a critic of the monetary system based on irredeemable currency (fiat money).

Thanks for accepting this new interview, Professor.

Guillermo Barba (GB): In your opinion, what are the most important events since our last interview two years ago?

Professor (P): Certainly, the most important development was the establishment of the negative interest rate structure by various countries; including Switzerland, which is an amazing development. I thought Switzerland would be the last country that would play with fire and here it is – they were leading the pack and hailing the advance of negative interest rates, which is just insane. I think that was the most important development over the past two years.

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