There Ain’t No Party Like the Libertarian Party – And This Could Be the Year it Gets Hot

With Gary Johnson and Bill Weld as standard bearers, the LP is more serious and in touch with America than the Dems and the GOP.

by Nick Gillespie

Yes, let’s go ahead and suck it up: That guy, James Weeks II (his eponym must be so proud), who disrupted the Libertarian Party convention by stripping down to a thong while announcing his withdrawal from the chairmanship race, is an embarrassment to his party and the larger movement for which it stands.

Such antics, along with what Brian Doherty has rightly called a candidates debate packed with puerile questions better geared for a late-night college bull session, make it easy for conservatives and liberals to troll the LP and dismiss a serious challenge to the played-out politics of the Democrats and Republicans.

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