The World Bank Wants You to be Panicked About Water

by Daily Bell Staff
The Daily Bell

Water shortages will deliver ‘severe hit’ to world by 2050 – World Bank … Global water shortages are taking their toll. The World Bank has issued a stark warning that the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia will receive a particularly “severe hit” by 2050, and global mismanagement needs to be addressed urgently. -RT

We just published an analysis of water-scarcity propaganda on Monday and now the World Bank has just issued a report (see above) described as a “sharp warning” regarding water supplies around the world.

This is a great example of how elite propaganda works in our view. In this case, as we reported on Monday, WikiLeaks just leaked a nine-year old report on water scarcity. And now comes the World Bank with its own report.

We’ve been on the record for years suggesting that WikiLeaks is a controlled facility. In other words it “leaks” what is beneficial to its sponsors. In this case, for a variety of reasons those sponsors seem to espouse increased globalism.

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