The Week in Review: May 28, 2016

by Mises Institute

We at the Mises Institute wish all a happy Memorial Weekend, hopefully free from the horrors of the TSA. Regrettably, as Jeff Deist notes, the holiday is often used by politicians as an opportunity to “materialize at parades, picnics, and churches to give speeches about ‘freedom,’” unaware of how their own actions are a greater threat to it than any foreign entity in the world. It is capitalism that brings us peace and improves our lives. It is government power and those who cheer it that can destroy our lives. That can never be forgotten. No matter how entertaining this election season may be.

Memorial Day weekend is a time to reflect on war, rather than celebrate it. As such, on Mises Weekends we revisit an anti-war talk from our friend Tom Woods. Tom discusses how the late Murray Rothbard convinced him that peace and liberty cannot be severed, that empire abroad leads to socialism at home, and that foreign policy should be front and center in a libertarian worldview. And as Jeff Deist notes, Memorial Day should be free of political grandstanding — especially by those who don’t understand what liberty really means.

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