The Underlying Truth of This Article

by Karl Denninger

There’s an interesting implication in this article that isn’t well-evolved, but (whether the authors like it or not) was exposed — probably accidentally.

The bread arrived by UPS, heavy as flesh, wrapped in brown paper. Its springy crust belied a two-day journey from baker Avery Ruzickaat Manresa Bread in Los Gatos, Calif.

If shipping bread cross country seems like a wanton act of locavore disobedience, consider that I’m not talking about just any loaf. The one Ms. Ruzicka sent me was made using Oregon-grown Edison wheat berries, ground to flour shortly before being mixed with water, naturally fermented for 24 hours, then baked to tangy, tender goodness. This bread is imbued with all the nutritional virtues of the wheat kernel—perhaps the most misunderstood ingredient in modern America. Forget juicing. Forget bone broth. With bread like this, many chefs and bakers have come to believe, you can carbo-load your way to optimal health.

Weeeeelllllll…. don’t bet on it.

But…. it is fair to believe that when you grind wheat and essentially use it immediately “as-ground”, instead of separating it as is done for “modern flour”, you don’t have the same product. You have part of the product but just like eating corn oil is eating part of corn, it is not the same.

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