The Decline and Collapse of Sweden | European Migrant Crisis

from Stefan Molyneux

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Question: “How far or low can Sweden go in accepting Muslim immigrants? I understand to a degree why the government can`t get enough of them – millions of people, highly dependent on the government welfare can probably keep the ruling left in power. But what is wrong with the Swedes? Why are they putting up with all that?”

“The negative consequences are pretty obvious to see even without having to use any statistics. Crime, rape, no-go zones, things that few decades ago nobody would believe are going on in Sweden. Seemingly the vast majority of Swedes are fine with that. Why?”

“Is it some sort of historical guilt for not taking part in the World Wars? Is it that the Swedes are afraid of conflict and would rather accept the situation than try to do something to change it, or at least voice concerns?”

For more on Sweden, please check out the work of Ingrid Carlqvist:…

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