Still Report #906 – Huff Post Disappears Clinton Indictment Story

from Bill Still

lass=”” >The Huffington Post has disappeared its earlier story claiming that Hillary Clinton will be indicted for racketeering upon recommendations from the FBI.
We posted the story at 08:49 this morning. Eighteen minutes later, one of the friends of this channel reported that the story had disappeared from the Huffington Post site.
According to Breitbart, the original article link:
“…now directs to a page that says “404” with a frownie face and the message ‘This is so embarrassing’ after Huffington Post took the piece down Sunday.”
Breitbart tried to contact the Huffington Post’s media team and their senior politics editor, Sam Stein without success.
However, as of this hour, 14:30 EDT, you’ll be relieved to know that the Huff Post has replaced this morning’s critical Hillary piece with these 4 jems which pretty much set what today’s theme was supposed to be about before a real story accidentally bypassed the filters.
#1 Flashback: “The Life Advice Hillary Clinton Thinks About Every Day”
That’s exactly what kept me awake last night!
#2: “Dodgin’ Donald’s Hiding Something in Those Unreleased Tax Returns”
Well, Mr. Trump is under no legal obligation to release his tax returns and we hope he will announce tomorrow morning that he had decided to not release them. Because there is no sense in giving Clinton the only ammunition she can possibly lay her hands on to counter the steady stream of scandals coming her way between now and November.
Story #3: America’s Seniors Can Count on Hillary Clinton.
Wow, what a page-turner this will be.
Story #4: Crybaby-in-Chief: Trump Just Can’t Stop Whining.
Hmmm, Clinton stands accused of treason, racketeering and perjury – with an option on who-knows-what; and their counter is Trump is a CryBaby???
Is that really the best they can do? Really?
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.