Still Report #901- David Cameron – Fight for British Sovereignty or Resign

from Bill Still

lass=”” >Here’s the link for the petition:
A fan of this channel, Kevin Carroll, a Councillor for Sandbach [Saahhd-baahhhch] Town Council is very concerned with the upcoming Brexit Vote on June 23 in Britain.
He, like many other Brits, is stunned by the fact that the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, is proposing the British stay in the European Union.
“How did Britain arrive at this point, whereby our own democratically-elected British Prime Minister is currently campaigning to surrender the sovereignty of his own country to the EU?”
Carroll says there are many issues being argued around the Brexit vote:
“But by far the biggest issue is losing our sovereignty – our right to exclusive self-governance.”
Carroll says he and many of his friends are watching the adventures of Donald Trump with great interest.
“I know we are both in the fight of our lives and I’m supporting both causes. In fact they are one in the same – a battle for freedom – to remain a sovereign nation.
“Many Americans don’t see this battle clearly yet. But loss of border control leads to rampant immigration, leads to financial destruction.
“Americans need to look at the devastation this has caused in Europe, and now, the battle has come to Britain.”
Carroll has put up a petition calling out Prime Minister Cameron to fight for British Sovereignty or resign. He asks all concerned Americans to sign and circulate his petition. Here is the bity link:
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.