Still Report #897 – Trump Gets 1237 Delegates – Seals Nomination

from Bill Still

lass=”” >Donald Trump has officially secured the nomination of the Republican party.
According to the Associated Press, Trump attained the magic number of 1237 delegates today when a sufficient number of the remaining unbound delegates told AP that they will be supporting Trump at the National Convention in July.
Only a month ago, the majority of mainstream media outlets were still predicting a contested convention due to machinations of former opponent Ted Cruz who was said to have a superior ground game that would steal a sufficient number of delegates to throw the convention into being a contested one.
However, as it turns out, what the MSM was not telling you was that Cruz was working on the second and third ballot choices of convention goers, leaving the false impression that it was still a horserace to the finish, when, in fact, Trump was virtually unstoppable.
The MSM had to start facing the facts after Trump’s landslide victory during the Indiana Primary on May 3. However, today’s announcement by the AP, casts aside any remaining doubts.
Now Trump, after defeating 16 other rivals – all but Dr. Ben Carson professional politicians – will be the Republican candidate who will face either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.