Still Report #893 – Dr. Wallnau on Trump and Common Grace

from Bill Still

lass=”” >My wife and I have had trouble explaining why we have felt so sure that Donald Trump will not only win the Republican nomination, but become the 45th President of the United States.
From a monetary reform perspective, I knew that he was the only candidate on the horizon who could possibly be open enough to even consider such a tried and tested American solution to our economic problems.
Those of you who have watched me for a while know that I’ve always thought that Iceland or Switzerland, or maybe Israel would be the first to conduct a modern-day test of gradually changing over to a debt-free state money system.
But as Trump was considering running for president, I realized that he was the only candidate or potential candidate on the scene who could not only consider returning to state money for the United States, but had the toughness to fix the illegal immigration problem as well.
But the toughest thing was explaining to my friends and family how I, as a Christian father – how I could support someone who spoke as harshly as he did. Where was the Christian kindness and moderation in that?
I’ve gradually come to terms with all Mr. Trumps faults as necessities if he actually is the person who can break this huge evil about to engulf the earth.
Whether you see the danger in the future as a dictatorship of the New World Order communist / socialists, or a theocratic dictatorship of Islam, no one else but Mr. Trump has a chance of breaking this pack of wild evil dogs tearing at the fabric of civilization.
Last night, I had a subscriber email me a 27-minute video done by Dr. Lance Wallnau, a pastor from Keller, Texas that explained the concept of “common grace” and how Mr. Trump is the perfect vehicle for that common grace to flow across this nation. It clicked. It absolutely clicked.
So I’ve cut it about in half and emailed him seeking his permission to use it. Now, I’ve decided to take a chance and put this up, hoping that permission will come through in the next 24 hours.
If it doesn’t, I’ll take this down and suffer whatever consequences Dr. Wallnau asks. I’m pretty sure he’ll be ok with it.
In any case, here’s the original URL where you can see the entire thing:

I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.