Still Report #892 – New Polish PM Battles EU

from Bill Still

lass=”” >Poland’s new conservative government which took office 6 months ago, may be on the verge of leaving the European Union, right behind Great Britain – that is, if the Brexit vote succeeds there one month from now.
The problem is the EU is a transnational organization. It seeks to obliterate effective national boundaries throughout Europe. Had the traditional national boundaries been enforced last year – for example – the Muslim invasion could not have taken place.
Poland voted overwhelmingly for membership in the European Union in 2003 by a 78 to 22 margin, but it never adopted the Euro. It kept its traditional money, the Zolti despite increasing pressure from the EU to change over to the Euro.
Although adopting the Euro is supposedly mandatory for EU members, Poland is one of the 9 member states – including Great Britain – which have simply refused to join the Eurozone and switch to the Euro.
When it became apparent that the mass Muslim migration was destroying neighboring Germany, Poland elected conservative Beata Szydlo of the Law & Justice Party, or PiS, as their new prime minister, by a landslide, 11 months ago.
But even more impressive was the overwhelming victory 4 months later in October, when the Law & Justice Party won an outright majority in Parliament – 51% of the seats – among 6 political parties. It was the first time any party had won an outright majority in the nation’s Parliament since Poland cast off communist rule.
The results were a huge defeat for the EU. In fact, after Prime Minister Beata Szydlo took office on 16 Nov. 2015 one of her first decisions was to remove the EU flag from press conferences and place a cross in the meeting hall of the Council of Ministers.
Now, Szydlo’s party is attempting to reduce the existing pro-EU influences in her government and the EU is doing everything to stop her.
In addition, the Polish government has refused to take in the additional 7,000 Muslim refugees the EU has demanded.
Also, the new government imposed higher taxes on banks and insisted that home mortgages be denominated only in Polish money, thereby bringing substantial savings to the average Polish homeowner.
Now the stage is set to explain the latest criticism against both the new Polish government, and their allies in Hungary.
Former president, Bill Clinton, speaking in New Jersey in support of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, said that Hungary and Poland:
“… have now decided this democracy is too much trouble.”
Sorry Bill, but elections have consequences and the Polish people have spoken like never before. But it gets worse. Clinton even tried to brand the new Polish government in this way:
“They want (Russian President Vladimir) Putin-like leadership. Just give me an authoritarian dictatorship and keep the foreigners out.”
And this is the man Hillary recently said would be in charge of the U.S. economy should she win the presidency?
Politicians in both Poland and Hungary responded with anger.
Polish PM [shut-vul] demanded an apology and another of Poland’s leading conservatives said Clinton needed to have his head examined if he thought democracy was not alive and well in Poland.
Former Clinton campaign manager, Dick Morris blasted Clinton today in a Newsmax editorial:
“The truth is that both of these nations are vibrant multi-party democracies that value, above all, their freedom and their right to vote. The peoples of both [Poland and Hungary] have suffered mightily losing vast proportions of their population in wars to become free.”
The EU sees the fight with Poland as a make-or-break issue for the authority of their bureaucrats in Brussels to prove that they can enforce their will on member nations. Over the weekend, the EU threatened Poland with sanctions – even losing their voting rights in the European Parliament – should they not comply with their demands to rescind recent reforms.
Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban said on Friday that the EU will never win this fight with Poland. In other words, the harder the EU tries to enforce its will over the freedom-loving Polish people, the more determined they will become to simply leave the EU all together.
So, this issue comes at a rather inconvenient time for the European Union as Great Britain will vote on Thursday, June 23 whether to be the first nation to withdraw from the EU – known as the Brexit vote. The latest polling shows the Brexit vote trails the Stay vote by about 7 points.
However, a poll announced yesterday in Turkey found that if Britain votes to stay in the EU’s open borders system, it can expect an additional 12.6 million migrants from Turkey alone – in coming years.