Still Report #886 – Dem Strategist Will Vote Trump

from Bill Still

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Just a quick note. Thanks to an observant watcher of this report, I have finally figured out a place for corrections. It will be just a 3-second panel starting at the 6-1/2 second mark.
Not everyone likes corrections, so I don’t want to take any more time. If you want to see what the correction was all about, you can simply pause the video.
We are a 2-person operation. We try hard to get everything right, but it’s just impossible when one is in competition with large organizations with large staffs. So, just like a newspaper, we now have a space at the front, dedicated to corrections.
Thanks to Mediaite, an interview done by Fox Business ace Maria Bartiromo has been resurrected that now becomes very important in the Presidential election race.
Democrat strategist Harlan Hill appeared on a panel on Bartiromo’s show on Super Tuesday 3, on April 26, the day votes were cast in 5 eastern states, including Pennsylvania.
Hill – who had been supporting Bernie Sanders – was seeing that the eventual Democrat nominee would be Hillary Clinton. His remarks were surprising:
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.