Still Report #885 – New Polls – Trump Leads Clinton

from Bill Still

lass=”” >Donald Trump has been getting closer and closer to likely Democrat opponent, Hillary Clinton in recent polls.
But suddenly two polls came in yesterday showing Trump taking the lead. In the May 14-17 Fox News poll, Trump leads Clinton 45 to 42 – a 3-point margin.
Also, Trump’s favorable/unfavorable numbers are changing fast now. In the new Fox poll, favorables were 41% and unfavs, 56%. That’s a 20-point swing from March, when his fav/unfav numbers were 31-65.
In a Rasmussen poll released yesterday, Trump beats Clinton by a 5-point margin – 42 to 37.
Trump’s delegate count now stands at 1161, just 76 shy of that magic number that last month, the MSM was still proclaiming to be unobtainable and a brokered convention was a surety. Well, no longer.
We are still sticking to our March prediction of 1407 1st ballot delegates in Cleveland in July for Trump.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.