Still Report #877 – New Poll: Trump Leads With Hispanics

from Bill Still

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A new poll is the first to show what many of us have suspected to be coming down the line – Donald Trump now leads Hillary Clinton among Hispanics by a 55 to 45 margin.
The result was surprising because among all groups Clinton still has a small lead on Trump, 51 to 49!
The surprising poll was taken on May 10, just days after Trump tweeted out a photo of himself eating a taco bowl that garnered 120,000 liked and 67,000 comments on Instagram.
The result is no surprise to this report because we’ve been predicting that Trump would take the Hispanic vote for months, just as the candidate, himself, has.
Why? Hispanics love a strong horse, and Donald Trump is the strongest horse of a presidential candidate this nation has seen in 100 years.
Secondly, Trump has fun with life, and third, he’s a straight shooter. Hispanics hate being lied to like they aren’t smart enough to see through the lie, and nobody lies more than Hillary – not even Ted.
I’m still reporting from Washington.
Good evening.