Still Report #866 – Obama is Still Planting Seedling Muslim Towns

from Bill Still

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Just a year ago, we were seeing pictures of happy Germans and beautiful Swedes holding “Welcome Refugees” signs at train stations.
This mindless European idealism has now turned into a bitter, real-life, rape-and-pillage problem.
The amazing thing is how effective this invasion it has been. They have quickly seized major portions of Europe – using primarily bronze-age weapons – knives and hatchets.
Our children – 20 years from now – will look back and wonder how we let this happen so quickly.
How could we throw away centuries of freedom-seeking by nation states to a mass invasion, crudely but effectively hidden under a humanitarian welcome mat?
Yes, this new invasion may bring peace to Europe but at what price? Total subjugation by a theocratic dictatorship?
And now with their first successful political takeover of a major European capital – London – their confidence – their hubris – knows no bounds.
Their new Mayor feels like he can openly intimidate the last remaining citadel of freedom, the United States, with a bold threat – essentially “submit or die.”
Yes the Sleeping Giant is finally awakening from its television-induced slumber – but is it in time?
President Obama has recently begun planting the roots of the European invasion in small towns across America.
WorldNetDaily – or WND – has led the way in trying to uncover both the methods, and the funding mechanisms to create President Obama’s so-called seed communities.
The operation is always done by paying off cash-strapped relief organizations with tens of millions of dollars of government funding, frequently supplemented by the ubiquitous George Soros – the evil “Doctor No” of our era.
The operation is always couched in terms of creating a welcoming atmosphere to foster assimilation or integration.

But the European experience has shown that there is little to no assimilation among the Muslim population. They live forever in tight communities that eventually crowd out the rule of law, and replaced it with Sharia law.
Instead of integration, the result looks more like little hotbeds of poverty and insurgency.
Islamic leaders have not tried to hide world conquest as its real objective. Why isn’t this being trumpeted by the mainstream media?
Because well-paid folks like former British Foreign Secretary David Miliband continue to portray the invasion as merely Western humanitarianism.
Miliband heads the New York-based International Rescue Committee – IRC – one of the nine big volunteer aid agencies – also called VOLAGs — that contract with Obama to plant his Muslim seedling communities across America.
A brief word about Miliband’s relationship with Hillary Clinton and George Soros. In Nov. 2013, just 6 months after Miliband’s arrival at IRC, he gave Soros its highest award, the Freedom Award. Soros immediately donated an additional million dollars to the IRC.
Before that, while still a fast rising member of the British Labor Party, Miliband said that it was time for world leaders to accept the ascendancy of “political Islam” and even the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood.
With British Muslim leader Sadiq Kahn becoming Mayor of London last week, Miliband has talked about returning to Britain to run for Kahn’s seat in parliament.
As Muslims continue their takeover of Britain, Miliband will enjoy a bright future.
When Miliband first came to New York in 2013 to essentially head up Obama’s Muslim invasion, Clinton and Soros both attended a welcome reception in his honor.
Clinton was smitten. She gushed to Vogue magazine:
“If you saw him, you’d have a big crush. [He’s] vital and attractive.”
Miliband immediately got to work, opening dozens of IRC offices around the U.S. from Missoula, Montana to Miami, Florida, planting Syrian Muslim seedling communities across the nation.
According to Ann Corcoran, author of the Refugee Resettlement Watch blog (, the only thing slowing it down, is a lack of subsidized housing.
“They’re all scouting around now, not just IRC, but all of the VOLAGs, for new places to get these Syrians placed. There is not enough subsidized housing to accommodate all these refugees.”
All of this immigration is done under the banner of make-believe assimilation.
The theory is that the newcomers will all fall in love with America and grow up to be good, productive citizens.
But the reality is that very few assimilate. Very few even work if work can be found.
The generous welfare stream from Obama is more money and a better life than they have ever experienced in their homelands. Why work?

The atmosphere is perfect for seeding terrorists, not citizens.
Corcoran’s blog has called for stories of the impacts these seedling communities have had on the small towns into which they have been planted.