Still Report #865 – Newt – Trump is Better than Conservative

from Bill Still

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Newt Gingrich has undergone some sort of a serious change. He’s not the old Newt anymore. He is actually using his vast experience of 40 years in politics in a very, very beneficial way for the United States of America.
In the past, he was just another politician to me, but now whenever he talks, I want to listen. I don’t trust him as much as I trust Trump or Carson, but he’s one of the few whose opinion matters to me.
Newt was on Sean Hannity’s show last night and was just loaded with good information.
In one exchange, Sean Hannity says exactly what I’ve been saying for months about Trump being EXACTLY what the Republican hierarchy has been literally praying for for the past 20 years – someone who could expand the base – broaden the so-called big tent.
[insert Sean]
Then Newt explains it better than I could.
[insert Newt 1&2]
See, that’s just it. Trump is the ultimate capitalist – his goal is to get to wherever he is going in the most efficient way. Trump is flexible.
See SR #713 – The Secret of Trump – Agility.
Now Newt lays down a withering denunciation of the Never Trump Group.
[insert Newt 3]
Well Newt, where was this brilliant slave trade analysis in 1992 when you supported NAFTA under the leadership of Bush senior? You were wrong about NAFTA then and you have never admitted it.
On March 14, 2011, you appeared on the Howie Carr radio show and a caller asked about your support for NAFTA:
“CALLER: Back in the ’90s I remember Ross Perot saying that there was going to be the giant sucking sound of jobs if NAFTA passed. I think it ended up being true, right? And I know you were a big free trader.”
“GINGRICH: Yeah, well, I don’t think it was true in Mexico. I think the fact is that NAFTA allowed us to build jobs in Canada, the United States, and Mexico, in competition with China. I mean, our big competitor is not Mexico. Our big competitor is China and India. And I’d rather have jobs close to the United States than have jobs overseas in places like China and India. That’s why I was in favor of it. … So in a sense, I’d like our neighborhood to be fairly well off and fairly prosperous.”
Here’s the link to this obscure page called
I was 100% opposed to NAFTA back then as were millions of common-sense Americans. And I worked as hard for Ross Perot then as I’m working for Trump now.
China was almost NEVER mentioned in NAFTA debate. The issue was that jobs were going to be sucked down to Mexico – and that’s EXACTLY what happened, and now you are claiming that was a big success! What a piece of twisted self-justification.
So Newt, I’ll never completely trust you until you come clean on NAFTA, but the rest of the following is right on.
[insert Newt]
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.