Still Report #839 – New National Poll Trump Crushing Cruz

from Bill Still

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The new NBC/Survey Monkey National weekly tracking poll shows Donald Trump widening his lead over Ted Cruz and John Kasich by another 10 points.
In the national voting preference among registered Republicans, in just the last week, Trump has shot up to 56%, up 6 points. Cruz has dropped to 22%, down 4 points in the last week, and Kasich at 14%, down 3 points, among the 12,462 surveyed.
Today’s Indiana primary is an open primary. That means both Democrats and Independents can participate.
Trump is also doing better in the race against probable Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton in the NBC/Survey Monkey poll.
Trump is now just 6 points behind Clinton – 43 to 37, but that leaves another 20% undecided.
Ted Cruz, on the other hand, has dropped precipitously in a matchup against Clinton who now beats him 44 to 30.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.