Still Report #838 – Trump on Track – 1st Ballot Win

from Bill Still

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According to a new analysis in yesterday’s Washington Times, Donald Trump is on track for a 1st ballot victory.
Going into today’s Indiana primary, Trump is only short a bit over 200 delegates to prevent the dreaded “brokered convention” hoped for by both Cruz and Kasich.
Oh, before we go on, a calming word to Trumpets nationwide; all those delegates that Calgary Ted is “stealing” only count after the 1st ballot. Cruz is working his evil deeds the only way he can – stealing delegates should the convention go to multiple votes. However, that ain’t gonna happen.
We first called Trump as “inevitable” the morning after his big surprise win in South Carolina on Feb. 20th. That’s because Beth and I were at the Trump rally at Pawleys Island, SC the day before and saw the enthusiasm on the ground, something that just can’t be captured by a brief TV news report.
Now the DC establishment is grudgingly coming around to the inevitability of the Donald. What odds could we have gotten on a $100 bet on Trump that just 9 weeks later, we would see this headline in the leading conservative newspaper in the nation’s capital?
The Times goes through the same analysis we have mentioned frequently in recent weeks concerning the direction of unbound delegates flowing towards Trump as his inevitability sinks in.
The Times quotes the count of former Republican National Committee Treasurer Randy Pullen, who predicts Trump’s delegate haul at 1,315 delegates by convention time.
We are still saying here at the Still Report that Trump’s 1st ballot number is 1407, 170 delegates more than needed for nomination .
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.