Rearranging Titanic Deck Chairs: Economist, Candidates, Endorse Cosmetic Central Bank Changes

by Daily Bell Staff
The Daily Bell

The right kind of reform … America’s next president should modernise the Federal Reserve system … Perhaps it was inevitable in the aftermath of the worst financial crisis in almost a century, but America is boiling over with schemes to remake the Federal Reserve … The Fed is not broken, but it is anachronistic. – Economist

The Economist is on a roll – in the wrong way.

We recently wrote about the magazine’s attempt to separate cyclical downturns from central bank monetary debasement. You can see that analysis HERE.

And now we’ve come across their latest article entitled The Right Kind of Reform.

From The Economist’s point of view, the right kind of Federal Reserve reform is to change the makeup of Fed boards by adding more women and minorities … and forbidding bankers to participate due to “conflicts of interest.”

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