Putting it on Plastic Again

Record number of credit cards issued in 2015 surging 90 percent from 2009. 60 million credit cards issued last year alone.

from My Budget 360

We love credit cards as much as we hate paying bills. As a nation we have an addiction to instant gratification. In the not so distant past, Americans actually had to save money before making a purchase. Seeing that many Americans have nothing in their pockets except lint and cell phones with hefty monthly payments, this isn’t a surprised. You fire up your phone and open up Facebook. You see all of your friends posting great photos of eating out at fancy restaurants and pay day is a few days away. What to do? Just go out and load it up on the credit card! Let us not forget that the financial meltdown came about because of economies which are made up of people spending way beyond their means. After the crisis, the number of credit cards issued collapsed. Today we are at a peak with 60 million credit cards being issued in 2015 alone. Happy credit days are here again!

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