Peter Grandich & Chris Waltzek on GoldSeek Radio – May 19, 2016

by Chris Waltzek
GoldSeek Radio

Peter Grandich of Peter Grandich and Company rejoins the show with positive comments on the PMs and crude oil, markets. Contrarian investors may continue to benefit from nearly universal bearishness – investors are gun-shy, having emptied their investment portfolios, presenting buying opportunities in the discounted PMs / oil shares. Our guest expects gold to reach $1,400-$1,500 in 2016. In addition, trouble in the US hedge fund industry could put downward pressure on the stock indexes. The remarkable share recovery since 2009 is a direct result of hedge fund related buying and dovish Fed policies. However, officials may be boxed into a corner, forced to implement QE 4 or an alternative machination to hold together the shaky, economic house-of-cards.

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