Nothing’s “Easy” About the Death of a Global Paradigm

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

Today, I’m going to demonstrate, in spades, why the Miles Franklin Blog is such a valuable, FREE resource – and consequently, why “all bullion dealers are not commodities.” I try to do this every day, and this October, will mark my five-year anniversary at Miles Franklin. However, it’s in “times of need” like today – when “the powers that be” are doing their best to prevent you from protecting themselves from the death of the historically destructive monetary paradigm they themselves created – when truth tellers like us are of maximum value. Not to mention, that when purchasing, selling, or storing bullion – as with anything in life – “you get what you pay for.”

Unfortunately, the Cartel “won” the current battle for short-term price control – in finally, with the aid of a lie as egregious as the “we killed bin Laden” card utilized to quell the 2011 silver price spike (i.e., June “rate hike” propaganda) – getting perpetually stupid COMEX “specs” to pitch their positions, causing the Precious Metal bull market to “correct.”

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