No, It’s Not About Bathrooms

by Karl Denninger

I took a fair bit of heat when I started raising hell about the entire “push” to “normalize” people’s “feelings” when it came to their alleged “gender”.

A material number of people “get it”, as it’s just viscerally evident to anyone who isn’t emotionally damaged or worse. But there are those who didn’t and don’t. For those who didn’t, or don’t, if you think this was really about what is typically a fairly private function (taking a crap) — you’re wrong.

It was never really about that at all, because law or no law, if you actually perform what is a normally-private function as a private function nobody is the wiser that you’re a man dressing up as a woman. It is only when you violate that expectation of it being a private function that anyone will know. If and only if you do violate such expectation then laws similar to North Carolina’s provide a rational means of deterring such behavior by applying a sanction to it.

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