Jaw-Dropping Account About How the Terrifying Endgame is Unfolding in Real-Time

from King World News

With a wild start to the 2016, today a legend in the business sent King World News a powerful piece about how the terrifying endgame is unfolding in real-time.

The Terrifying Endgame
By John Ing, Maison Placements

May 19 (King World News) – Former Obama Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, once said, “never let a serious crisis go to waste.” During the 2008 panic collapse, the US government bailed out big business, took over General Motors, fattened the big Wall Street banks and even nationalized mega institutions Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. As a result, government became even bigger with an insatiable appetite for revenues and to no surprise, the economy remains in a funk. Eleven states in the US now have more people on welfare than they do employed. No wonder there is a populist backlash against Wall Street because today, the “too big to fail” institutions became not only bigger but, “too big not to fail.”

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