Here’s What the Best Stock-market Timing System is Telling You to Do Now

Expect the market to bust out in early June, then gradually fade

by Mark Hulbert
Market Watch

The stock market will exhibit strength through June 7, and then weaken until the end of June.

This remarkably precise prediction comes from the stock-market timing system that has the best record of any tracked by the Hulbert Financial Digest over the past three decades.

Better yet, the system couldn’t be simpler: It trades on nothing but the calendar, exploiting seasonal strength around the turns of each month as well as prior to stock-exchange holidays.

There is a catch, however, and it’s potentially a big one: Despite having an outstanding long-term record, this system has lagged the market over the last decade. Following its lead going forward depends on whether you think the past few years are the exception or the new rule.

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