Goldman Closes “Short Gold” Recommendation With 4.5% Loss; Will Continue Buying Gold From Its Clients

from Zero Hedge

Back on February 15, just as the USD was about to plunge unleashing a global risk-on rally as a result of “Yuan stability”, Goldman triumphantly announcecd its latest trading recommendation: short gold (at $1,205) with a target of $1000 and a 7% stop loss.

This being Goldman – the one hedge fund whose prop traders immediately take the other side of all trades pitches to clients – said clients were immediately and brutally taken to the cleaners as the consequence of a tumbling dollar (another trade that Goldman got disastrously wrong) was soaring gold. And that is precisely what happened. After that, unofficially, it took just two and a half months for Goldman to get stopped out of its short gold recommendation, which as we first noted, happened on April 29, when its the price soared above $1,300 breaching Goldman’s stop. Officially, Goldman’s Jeff Currie decided to take his time, although he too finally threw in the towel today admitting Goldman was wrong yet again with one more trading recommendation (recall that Goldman had earlier been stopped out and lost money on 5 of its Top 6 trades for 2016 in just over a month).

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