Fresh, Bullish News

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

Long-time readers know I “cut my teeth” in the Precious Metals sector as a daily contributor, circa 2003-10, to the GATA website; then, as now, for free. GATA, led by the indomitable Bull Murphy and Chris Powell, has not only been a shining beacon of truth for nearly two decades, but started the movement to expose the hideous, illegal suppression that has irreversibly harmed Precious Metal investors, miners, and the global economy at large. Through GATA, I have made more good friends, and close colleagues, than any other organization in my 25-year professional career – including Andy and David Schectman, who “discovered” me there. Many are “household names” in the Precious Metal community; and unquestionably, a highlight of my life was being specifically praised by “Admiral Sprott” at the 2011 GATA conference in London, where he was the keynote speaker.

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