Forget About Income Inequality: Bloomberg

by Jeff Nielson
Bullion Bulls Canada

Don’t touch the wealth of the wealthy. We hear that message, dozens of times each month, disguised in various ways by the Corporate media. We hear it despite the fact that wealth inequality has reached a greater extreme in our societies than at any time since the last revolutionary cycle, nearly three hundred years ago. The Top 0.1% now hoard as much wealth as the bottom-90% combined.

However, few of these don’t-touch-our-wealth messages have been as obvious or insipid as Bloomberg’s latest effort. The latest brainwashing is couched in the loftiest of headlines:

The Wisdom to Know Which Causes of Inequality Can Be Changed

Ironically, the article itself points out one of the primary reasons why income/wealth inequality continues to worsen in our societies, despite reaching historic extremes:

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