Even Language Has a Cycle

by Martin Armstrong
Armstrong Economics

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, it seems that there is a cycle to everything. I am starting to notice there appears to be cycles in the use of words especially in a legal context. Your piece on “discretion” is interesting how it evolves to suit the times. Money Laundering began as a drug crime and now it is applied everywhere right down to having cash in your safe deposit box. Sex was taboo with Kennedy so the press never reported his affairs yet is rather fair game today. Trump has been divorced which would never have been acceptable 50 years ago. Language and culture change with time. Is there a cycle length in this area of human activity?

ANSWER: The major cycle appears to be the 309.6-year wave. There is a very curious timing element, but I am not sure if it is valid since we have only one iteration which makes this highly speculative.

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