Democratic Fun in Tajikistan

by Pater Tenebrarum
Acting Man

Capo for Life!

The people of Tajikistan love their president Emomali Rahmon deeply. And as we now know, nearly all of them do. The last time a leader of similarly exalted stature enjoyed such unconditional and unshakable support from the entire citizenry was when comrade Joseph Vissiaronovich Stalin was in charge in Moscow. They’re feeling the Rahmon in Dushanbe!

[…] A referendum has just been held in Tajikistan, in order to give its citizens the unique opportunity to ensure a prosperous and peaceful future for the country for generations to come. Voters were asked to approve altogether 40 changes to the constitution. Two questions of especially grave importance were decided – and received the support of nearly 95% of the electorate, in a huge turnout to boot! As the Guardian reports:

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