Defending the Indefensible: Economist Mag Praises Central Bank ‘Growth’

by Daily Bell Staff
The Daily Bell

Free exchange Murder most foul When periods of economic growth come to an end, old age is rarely to blame … In June America’s economic expansion will be seven years old. That is practically geriatric: only three previous ones lasted longer. The record boom of the 1990s survived only ten years. It is tempting to look at that ten-year mark as something like the maximum lifespan of an expansion in America, and to worry, correspondingly, that the current expansion’s days are running short. But are they? – Economist

Here’s another article from the Economist newspaper (magazine, really) defending monopoly central banking by pretending that there may not be a linkage between money printing and economic depression.

On every level, this article is wrong. It’s propaganda. The Economist likes to mimic a “thought” magazine in that it deals with complex topics in an objective and sometimes eloquent way.

But it is only a mimic. It has a series of very specific goals. Every aspect of its editorial presentation is positioned to support and expand its readers’ appreciation of globalism.

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