David Morgan: There Will Soon Be a Run to Gold Like You’ve Never Seen Before

by David Morgan
Silver Seek

Mike Gleason: I’m happy to welcome back our good friend, David Morgan, of TheMorganReport.com. David, it’s always a pleasure to talk with you. How have you been?

David Morgan: Mike, I’ve been well and thank you for the interview.

Mike Gleason: We’ve seen some very positive and encouraging market action in the metals this year with silver up close to 19% year-to-date, and gold up 18% as we’re talking here on Thursday morning. Although, the precious metals are pulling back sharply this week. Assess the market action so far here in 2016, and talk about what’s driving this recent pullback.

David Morgan: Well, early on, I stated that we would see a good 2016. I still believe that.

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