Cruz Collapsing

by Karl Denninger

There’s a decent chance that today marks the last day Ted Cruz has any claim to being serious in his attempt at the Republican nomination for President.

It would appear that a number of his tactics, which I remind you he telegraphed very early in the race with his campaign’s sleaze aimed at Ben Carson, are finally resonating with Republican voters.

The delegate-stealing that has taken place across the country in various states is the sort of optic you never want to present as a politician, despite the fact that nearly all politicians will win by any means they can. Deliberately ignoring votes is the mark of a King or tyrant — and evokes images of such luminaries as Kim Jung-Un, Mao and similar. How anyone in their right mind could reasonably conclude that such a tactic would not backfire in the United States is beyond me, but apparently Cruz believed exactly that, because it has been the hallmark of his campaign since the beginning.

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