Count Your Blessings

…it would be borderline insane to be consciously thankful for everything that’s good in your life at all times. But all too often we run the risk of the exact opposite insanity: dwelling only on our problems and focusing only on the things we hate.

by James Corbett
The International Forecaster

I was going to call this editorial “A Survival Guide to Planet Earth.” You know, some advice for my newborn daughter that she can read when she grows up. Kind of a “don’t take any wooden nickels” for the switched on anti-globalist set.

One can imagine the items that would make such a list:

– Always assume that politicians are lying to you.
– Never take media reporting at face value.
– If you see a central banker, kindly help them to the nearest jail cell.

You get the idea. But the other night I received an email from a listener named David. He wrote in to congratulate me on the birth of my second child:

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