China’s Landing Will Not End Softly

by Daily Bell Staff
The Daily Bell

Why China Is Prone to Bubbles … The only sure way for China to prevent new bubbles is to tighten credit, slow money growth and allow risk to price assets properly. If the government keeps stepping in to prevent falling prices and to bail out banks or other investors, the possibility of loss is discounted. The probability of an asset crunch like the ones Japan experienced in the 1990s and the U.S. in 2009 remains low for now, in part because of all that liquidity. But the risks are rising every day. – Bloomberg

This Bloomberg opinion piece repeats the propaganda that China’s leaders have created a rational economy. The second-largest economy in the world can therefore be manipulated into prosperity with the right moves.

You can see from the excerpt above that the “sure way” for China to avoid an “asset crunch” involves a decision on the part of government officials not to support bankrupt facilities.

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