China’s Communist Party Goes Way of Qing Dynasty as Debt Hits Limit

President Xi Jinping thinks it is time for China to break its addiction to credit, and take its bitter medicine

by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Nobody rings a bell at the top of the credit supercycle, to misuse an old adage. Except that this time somebody very powerful in China has done exactly that.

China watchers are still struggling to identify the author of an electrifying article in the People’s Daily that declares war on debt and the “fantasy” of perpetual stimulus.

Written in a imperial tone, it commands China to break its addiction to credit and take its punishment before matters spiral out of control. If that means bankruptcies must run their course, so be it.

Fifteen years ago such a mystery article would have been an arcane matter, of interest only to Sinologists. Today it is neuralgic for the entire global – and over-globalized – financial system.

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