China No Enemy of the West as Recent Regulatory and Diplomatic Moves Show

by Daily Bell Staff
The Daily Bell

China asks Britain for advice on creating financial super-regulator … China has asked Britain for advice on plans to create a financial super-regulator, as it looks to improve financial oversight following last year’s stock market crash, sources with knowledge of the talks told Reuters. – Reuters

Developments reported in the mainstream media show once again how intertwined China is with Western economic models and influences.

But there isn’t. Much of the so-called China-US tension is exaggerated or make-believe.

It’s part of the larger, cold war formulation now being erected between the BRICs and the West.

It’s just as phony as the previous Cold War. And just as phony as the long-ago Asian rivalry when people feared a resurgent 1980s Japan was going to take over the world.

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