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from Jesse’s Café Américain

By their manipulations and deceit they prove that which they seem to fear, that their economic and monetary theory is nonsense, and is failing, for it cannot stand on its own. And that the people will not be fooled forever.

As noted over at Zerohedge a little while ago, “over 18,000 contracts – or over $2.3 billion notional of gold has been dumped in the last 10 minutes…”

I will be in training this week to help Mary when she comes home, learning how to more effectively assist her to get in and out of a car, and manage her needs, as she will be in a wheel chair for a little while at least. But given her remarkable progress the therapists do not expect this to be too long. It is hard to believe that only four weeks ago the doctors were deeply concerned that she would never have the use of her right leg and arm again.

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