Brexit: The Movie Makes the Economic Case Against The EU

by Ryan McMaken

Released on May 12, the new film Brexit: The Movie makes the case for the “Leave” campaign in significant detail. At an hour and 11 minutes, the film sticks to the economic debate behind the Brexit campaign. This is wise since, as the vote approaches, the “Remain” campaign is likely to become increasingly hysterical with claims that leaving the UN will spell an economic apocalypse for Britain. Moreover, recent polling data has shown that support for Brexit is waning, and that the primary cause of waning support is likely caused by the fact that many have believed the anti-Brexit claims that the economic viability of the UK depends on continued membership inside the EU.

On the other hand, perhaps most damaging to the pro-EU cause in general, and not just in the British context, is the fact that two of Europe’s wealthiest countries remain outside the EU: Switzerland and Norway. The film barely mentions Norway, but focuses heavily on Switzerland.

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