All Electronic Assets Wiped Out in Fall Crash – Bix Weir with Greg Hunter

Bix Weir – USA Must Unite or Die Under Trump/Sanders Ticket

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

Financial analyst Bix Weir has laid out a timeline for the next financial collapse that he says is underway. Bix explains, “It’s happening now, and it has been happening since the beginning of the year. Some of the big things on the time line and one of the bigger things to watch is the Deutsche Bank (DB) implosion. That’s going to be gigantic because Deutsche Bank is the largest derivative holder in the world. Their stock is plummeting, and they are begging for tier 1 capital. It’s all happening right now. The question is what is the day that Deutsche Bank throws up its arms and says we’re insolvent? We are many times insolvent, and that would just destroy the European markets. It will also destroy the U.S. markets because our biggest banks are invested in the sovereign debt of European countries. That’s how it is going to start, and I believe the end of the end will be the Deutsche Bank implosion. . . .This is why Deutsche Bank is paying huge interest rates now because they need to raise their tier 1 capital. They have to raise tier 1 capital before they report for the second quarter. They are in massive trouble. Their tier 1 capital is being destroyed by all these losses and lawsuits. Didn’t they lose $7 billion euros last year? . . . They need massive amounts of capital . . . and they are willing to pay 5% interest just to get past the second quarter. That’s the amazing thing. . . . Deutsche Bank is going to be gone by the end of the third quarter.”

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