A World on the Edge of Chaos: “Gold Help Us”

from King World News

Since VE Day took place exactly 71 years ago over this past weekend (May 8, 1945), KWN felt it was appropriate to share something from a legend who warned of a world on the edge of chaos, and also spoke about his memories from one of the most important days in world history 71 years ago.

Russell Remembers VE Day From 71 Years Ago Like It Was Yesterday

From Richard Russell last year: “It’s 1945. It’s VE Day, and Germany has surrendered to the Allies unconditionally. I’m fast asleep in my tent in Senegalia, Italy. Suddenly I hear the sound of drums, and the very ground beneath me begins to throb. I rush out of my tent and ask the nearest officer what’s going on. He tells me that the war in Europe is over, and it’s celebration time. I look ahead of me and there I see a strange sight. “What’s going on?” I ask.

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