Welcome to the Real Hunger Games

by JL Yastine
The Sovereign Investor

In recent months, I’ve been fascinated by one of my son’s after-school activities: gardening club. In reality, it should really be called “farming club,” because clearly the group’s focus is all about food, not flowers.

At 9 years old, he knows far more about fertilizer, composting and pest control than I ever did at his age. Even his corn “crop” — a handful of plants on a little postage stamp-sized piece of school property — is coming in nicely (stuff grows faster in South Florida). With any luck, it’ll be ready for harvest in a few more months before the end of the school year…

Just as the new bull market for grains is getting underway.

I know what you’re saying: JL, corn is trading below $3.60 a bushel, down 30% in the last two years. Wheat is in much the same condition.

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