Trump Picks Up at Least 37 Unbound Pennsylvania Delegates: Revised Mish Delegate Math

by Mike ‘Mish’ Shedlock
Mish Talk

Donald Trump is about to win the Republican nomination. Moreover, he may do so even if he loses Indiana.

My rationale is Trump is going to pick up a big mass of the Pennsylvania uncommitted delegates, far more than I put in his pocket.

NBC News reports Trump Wins Big Among Pennsylvania’s Unbound Delegates.

NBC News reached out to all 54 delegate winners after the polls closed Tuesday night. Interviews reveal that as of Thursday morning 37 delegates said they intend to support Trump on the first ballot at the convention — a number that could rise north of 40 when the final ten delegates are reached.

In comparison, rival Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has so far only obtained the support of two delegates and Gov. John Kasich received none.

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