Still Report #818 – Cruz Quickly Backstabs Kasich Over Treaty

from Bill Still

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The Ted Cruz – John Kasich alliance announced with great fanfare on Sunday quickly broke down when a Cruz insider leaked a confidential memo telling Cruzbots to ignore the warning not to vote for Cruz in the Oregon primary to be held on May 17 and the New Mexico primary held on the last day of the primary season, June 7th.
Cruz & Kasich announced that Kasich would stop spending money in Indiana if Cruz would stop spending money in Oregon and New Mexico in a hopeless attempt to stop the Donald.
But, in a letter addressed specifically to freshman Congressman Mike Nearman of Oregon, Cruz justified his double-cross of Kasich thusly:
[insert letter]
“… sometimes in order to win the end game, we must be the better strategic players….”
“… in Oregon and New Mexico, please continue voting for a Ted Cruz win in those states. Do not select John Kasich as has been reported since Sunday evening.”
“Please be cautious and only forward this email to our known Ted Cruz supporters via email.”
Typically inepTed. If he had any common sense, he would have at least waited until he had gotten his side of the bargain before he tipped off anyone – even Congressmen – of his real intentions.
I wonder, 4 years from now, will I have to consult Winkipedia to remember this guy’s name?
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good Day.